Mar 25, 2011

Pretty girls rock! ♬

Aloha peeps :)

It the weekend! Wohoo! I bet some of you are sleeping like sleeping beauty now due to the packed schooling week. I don't know you guys, but I know I sure felt tired x( I'm only form 3 and I'm saying "Packed schooling week", imagine the form 5 and form 4's student. They are even more pack than I do. I salute them especially Miss Jenna and Li Jin.

So............ :D This week have been okay. Okay only.

  1. Well, on the23/3/11, the spm candidates got their results! Congrats to the two people that get 10A+ 1A(or A-), and 10A+. Walao...smarty(s) -,- And yeah, congrats to everyone that got their result, no matter how you bad or good your results managed to sit for SPM :) Hmm, I wonder what did Hwg get? 
  2. SPBT, Thanks you three smarty(s), Yan, Ling and Lcd :') You all really are very appreciative for me.
  3. Ern finally got addicted to K-pop! xD Kept stalking Ft Island and CN Blue. She even got married already. Her husband, Choi Jung Hun. (Correct?!)
  4. I almost starved to death this week. No matter at school or home.
  5. 25/3/11, woke up at 7.30am but still manage to go to school. Cheese! ^ ^

I got my results too! But not all. Except science :( Teacher..where are you? Why didn't you come to school? We missed you and our exam paper! Yan went so worry for her science, chill girl :)
So far; 4A 1B 1C! Saw the C? Haha, C for my kh ; wth ?

BM 80%, BI 93%, Maths 82%, SJ 80%!, Geo 78%!, KH 62% (lol).
I was super lucky for Sejarah, arigato! Geo, I'm satisfy although I got 78 coz I thought I'll get lesser than that. KH, I knew it!! BM, thank you question number 17 if not I almost got a B. English, need to say much. Maths, careless!
Overall, it's just a test la :) Take it easy. Get bad results for the whole year also can but make sure PMR and trial must get good results.

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