Mar 10, 2011

Mcd for breakfast?!

Woah, two girls and a lady woke up so early one day.
They decided to go to Mcd for breakfast! (wth?)
Three crazy ladies. Lol!
Woke up so early that morning in order to go to Mcd to have breakfast! (really wth..)

Esther and I agreed on treating mommy Mcd..but ended up?
"Aiya....i forgot to bring my money", said Esther.
So Prisong we'll just have to keluarkan duit lorh. Lol.

So small ! nvm, this happens when you get something free.

Mine. Mcmuffin.
Esther !

having a cup of coffee in the morning.

Mom and est had the breakfast set.

I thought i rmbr the hash brown was much bigger.. 
After finish eating two Big Breakfast set and a Sausage McMuffin...we figured it's not full enough. Portions was unexpectedly small so we ordered another one..Which is Sausage McMuffin with Egg. Mom treated us this.

While eating, I was reading my sejarah there. So fun xD Haha.
I reached school around 7.10 or 7.15am (i guess), and I was late. Although late, still I won't miss a chance eating a super early breakfast with my sis and mom :)

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