Mar 6, 2011

kh project (after)

I've mentioned before about my kh project.

Since the wrapping paper is not acceptable,
I've done something with it.
Kar Wei and I planned to spray it.
She will spray hers and i'll spray mine.

We did this BIG spraying project at her house.

Kar Wei's
LOL, I played with her kh project. I cut out a paper and paste it on her wood..and then when she spray, what was left unsprayed was the flower(or what ever it is). Hehe :P

If not mistaken, the colour that we chose was honey beige. I forgot. Or was it er...idk what. But erm, my mom commented that it looks dull :O

This is mine, (after!)
Oh project :( It turned like this. I spray soooooooo many times in order to cover the scraped-off wrapping paper!

I tell ya, spraying is not easy, well it ain't easy for me and Kar Wei. Sooo manyy work to do. How many layers to spray, make sure we sprayed evenly.. make sure it must be dry before the another layer could be spray.

For me was the hardest..because I have to make sure I didn't spray the mdf board... It's hard xO Shakir said it was so easy for him, for me I disagree a bit. Because I gotta spray differently, I can't just spray the whole thing..

Oh well, just let it be :)

Finishing results!!

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