Feb 3, 2011

CNY 初一

大家, 恭喜发财! :D

See what happen this morning.
As always.....chinese new year's first day morning would be so very super duper noisy! Hahaha! You know why? Because there would be lion dance :D I always won't miss it when it comes around the neighborhood :)

Wohoo x) CNY spirit!

Jia Jia looks pretty ;)
Papa woke up sooooooo early to create his own history. He want to cycle very far, from Mentakab to Temerloh! Woahhh! And yeah, he did it! I'm so proud of him :') It was really a good work out! Keep it going papa..。 He back in time to see the lion dance.

Then here comes mommy and Apple! :D

Cousin Wey Wey taking a picture of Apple :)

We had supper that night! HAHA! Once a while babe :P Since it's the new year right...? ^ ^
YES! I finally baked something at my hometown :D Actually I helped out, hehe.. I helped my third aunt. She is real good in baking and many other things related to food.

Started from a dough,

Into smaller doughs with sausage in it (drooooool),

Wala! After it has been baked! (but er..these are not the sausage buns.. These are the buns only)
Later on, I followed papa to pasar malam to buy fish for grandpa to eat. Grandpa told papa that he wanted to eat fish so my papa on the spot quickly headed to the pasar malam to buy fish. The fish was sooooooo fresh man!! 

The chef cooking :D

Fresh steam fish!! The fish bought were in very good condition. FRESH!
Oh yeah, that afternoon..all of the girls(cousins) represents each family helped cooking. Esther and I helped. Eunice helped and of course cousin Jia Jia and her sisters. Everyone helped man! So touching :) Haha.
We chopped, washed, fried...so many work to do. It was real fun helping out in the kitchen.

This yam is a art from me, Eunice, Wey Wey and er...idk who else.. Oh yeah, yummyyyyy :)

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