Mar 2, 2011

Blink blink blink

See! In a blink of an eye, it's now 2nd of March already!


How times fly.. Some will maybe feel, that time was just the beginning of year 2011. Starting school. Now you've been studying for 3 months already! My March exam is coming. How fast is that. Sooner it will be April, then May then June then July then August then September.. PMR.
Month comes and goes..
Exam comes and goes (Y)
Very soon, as we blink our eyes,
it will be my turn to face PMR.

Seniors told me that, "PMR very easy one laa... Like kacang only!"
Aiyah, of course la..coz form 4 and form 5 is waaaaaay harder then form 3.
Even Miss Ong told us that. She say form 3 maths and form 4 maths is a very large gap.
Way different.

Still, I guess..many will feel PMR's chasing us.
Nearer and nearer, don't know who will win.
By then, I will just take it. Swallow it down!
No matter sejarah, geo, bm, bi, mt, sn, kh..
You just gotta do it.
All 15 year old people gotta do it in Malaysia :)

I envy my seniors man! December having SPM, then it's really merdeka for them already!
After I survive PMR, I still got SPM waiting for me man! Ohmygosh..

I'm not that worry about PMR actually. My parents don't give my pressure. Teachers give me pressure. Comparing us to pass year classes make us pressure. Everytime teachers says that to us. I think during my primary school too. All my teachers will compare my class with pass year's classes. They will praise them. Year '96 students always gets that. Fullstop :)

Take a breath as you walk through the door..

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