Mar 29, 2011

Hari Anugerah Cemerlang 2011

That morning, my girl Ern and Kar Wei went for a morning cycle! We think it was time we take action to exercise. Lol, so late only take action -.- Oh well, so yeah! I woke up at 7am and get ready slowly, HAHA. So sleepy man...every week need to wake up early for school, now Saturday also need. I really feel a bit lazy but still need to go coz later Ern will arrive at my house.
 Later, she arrived at my house then we decided to cycle to Kar Wei's house. We didn't jog :P
We started our morning exercise at 7.30am until 8.20am, then drop Kar Wei back home then Ern and I continued cycling until 9.20am.

The one's that I capture

Ern capture these :)
These are the photos taken at our secret bicycle circuit. :D

Ern taught me to pose while she show me how she capture this picture successfully. 

After bathe, went to school to see the girls receive their prizes..
Let the photos do the talking.

Take 1!

Take 2!
Yee was always ready! HAHA

Ooh, a flower! LOL -,-

Ooh la la, it's Ern! :)

Take 1!

Take 2!
Linghes just loves the camera :D

Aww...this two :) Feel like printing out this photo and giving this to Yee as her 15th birthday present :P

Helmi! :D

Aimi! Always number one girl. (but maybe not this March test! xO)

Time to receive the prizes!

Congratulations to all winners :)

When on the way back to my house, it was sizzling hot! So I saw a very creative use of blazers :D

A useful tips for you prefects out there! :D

Mar 28, 2011

The outdoors!

Morning ; school.

Afternoon ; sukantara.

Evening ; walking around neighbourhood.

Almost spent the whole day outdoors. Busy busy day.
Well, just wanna elaborate bout the evening.

Mom decided to bring Apple outdoors. So we walked around our housing area. I tagged along coz it has been a while since I had a evening walk.

Mom did some gardening while papa washed the car.

Before that, mom and I walked around the neighbourhood. I suggested that we should go and have a look at Esther practicing for her coming competition. It was our first time seeing her play netball. She was the only chinese there and yeah she was one of the tallest there too :) Mom and I said yeah and clapped when Est's team score :D Haha..

Night ; mom and dad went dating.

So 'yeah', Apple kept us busy the whole night. Crawl here and there, climb here and there, standing here and there... Wheww...busy!
Holding Est's back to stand.

Then she falls.

Mommy and daddy came home bringing us desserts :D 甜品哥哥.

Mine was erm...something called Ginger soup with i don't know what.
But it was nice :)

The durian pancakes. YUMMY.

Oh yeahh, I asked her to pose this cute :P
And Est ate something called Mango ___ Pamelo.. I don't remember what was it called. But it was nice too.

Mom and dad really liked the desserts so did we but guess what.. Can you guess how much it cost?
RM 59+ !
For desserts it cause you RM59! And you're not eating full too..just for itchy mouths. Woahh 0.o
But dad say it was really delicious and my dad doesn't care cause he bought it for his daughters..
When he thinks who is he buying for, money doesn't matters..because the person who he is buying for is for his daughter.. 
Aww...that's sweet :')

Dad even told us how he held mom's hand :)
Dad said it has been a long time since he and mom have a date because of three daughters always sticking around :P HAHA.

California Girls ♬

Sun kiss skin, so hot! They'll melt your popsicle! ♬

A part of California Girls's lyric tells you what I'm feeling now already :)
Just finish Sukantara for Waja and Perdana.
Perdana finished all events like a hare while
Waja finished like a tortoise -.-
Later on, I meet up with Farwi, Faz and Dhira.
Saw Faz and L ^ ^ Hehee.. Yellow and green.
Farwi joked about Athirah about a boy.
I laughed and laughed and laughed!

Reached home, had a Vsoy :D

Mar 27, 2011


It's coming !
Jang Keun Suk
2011 Cri Show in Malaysia

Mar 25, 2011

The Lazy Song! ♬

I love going back home having a feeling of excitement. Wondering what mom will cook for lunch. I will always go back home early in order to eat what mom had cook. I'm a girl who loves to eat. Really enjoy eating food :)
Mom always cook super yummy food which automatically make me wanna have a another bowl! Even dad says so. That's why sometimes we ask mom not to cook so delicious anymore, we will eventually get fatter. Hahaha. Guess what my mom say? She say "Actually I cook very simple only but simple yet so nice". Haha, it's true! That's why I told mom, "Mommy, you're motto should be [Simple but delicious]" :)

Tomorrow some of my friends are going to Hari Anugerah Cemerlang. Including the Loly's, Yan Yan and Ah Bell :) Last year was Ah Bell and Pei Ern and Lcd. This will still be Ah Bell but replaced with Yan Yan and Ling Ling :P I both year also don't have babe! I care not either :P Haha. So yeah, the remaining Loly, Ern and me will go for a morning jog with Kar Wei before we go and see Yan and Bell take their prizes. Why do I say prizes?
Because they will get two prizes! Not just one but two! 

Yan; number 2 in class and kh. (she went so happy when she got Kh)
Bell; number 1 in class and mt. (lucky she fought with teacher for that two marks)

Congrats girls! Will be seeing you two receiving your prizes tomorrow :D

Btw, still considering watching Suckerpunch or Beastly :/ 

PS: I scare I'm getting fever! 

Pretty girls rock! ♬

Aloha peeps :)

It the weekend! Wohoo! I bet some of you are sleeping like sleeping beauty now due to the packed schooling week. I don't know you guys, but I know I sure felt tired x( I'm only form 3 and I'm saying "Packed schooling week", imagine the form 5 and form 4's student. They are even more pack than I do. I salute them especially Miss Jenna and Li Jin.

So............ :D This week have been okay. Okay only.

  1. Well, on the23/3/11, the spm candidates got their results! Congrats to the two people that get 10A+ 1A(or A-), and 10A+. Walao...smarty(s) -,- And yeah, congrats to everyone that got their result, no matter how you bad or good your results managed to sit for SPM :) Hmm, I wonder what did Hwg get? 
  2. SPBT, Thanks you three smarty(s), Yan, Ling and Lcd :') You all really are very appreciative for me.
  3. Ern finally got addicted to K-pop! xD Kept stalking Ft Island and CN Blue. She even got married already. Her husband, Choi Jung Hun. (Correct?!)
  4. I almost starved to death this week. No matter at school or home.
  5. 25/3/11, woke up at 7.30am but still manage to go to school. Cheese! ^ ^

I got my results too! But not all. Except science :( Teacher..where are you? Why didn't you come to school? We missed you and our exam paper! Yan went so worry for her science, chill girl :)
So far; 4A 1B 1C! Saw the C? Haha, C for my kh ; wth ?

BM 80%, BI 93%, Maths 82%, SJ 80%!, Geo 78%!, KH 62% (lol).
I was super lucky for Sejarah, arigato! Geo, I'm satisfy although I got 78 coz I thought I'll get lesser than that. KH, I knew it!! BM, thank you question number 17 if not I almost got a B. English, need to say much. Maths, careless!
Overall, it's just a test la :) Take it easy. Get bad results for the whole year also can but make sure PMR and trial must get good results.

Mar 19, 2011

Toy? Blanket? Pillow?

Hello people!

It's been a while since I posted something.

I should have posted this a long long time ago;


I went out with my family. We went to Giza. There, we girls...went in a baby shop.
I found something!! A hippo! It reminded me of Yan :D

"I'm a plush toy, a soft pillow & also a blanket."
Yeap, that hippo and pig can become a soft pillow and a blanket. Lol.
There are many other type of animals to choose from.. I can't find neither a jelly fish nor a frog.
Too bad :(


Mar 15, 2011

Sony Ericsson Aino


I like this hp babe ! On Monday (at KFC), when i was ordering food..I saw a lady next to me using this hp. What a beauty x) But actually before this I've noticed this hp already. I didn't get this hp name right. I thought it was Xperia, then i searched for the image..wrong!

Then I go to SE's website. I saw this baby ! xD Ohmygosh, love it!

Mar 10, 2011

Mcd for breakfast?!

Woah, two girls and a lady woke up so early one day.
They decided to go to Mcd for breakfast! (wth?)
Three crazy ladies. Lol!
Woke up so early that morning in order to go to Mcd to have breakfast! (really wth..)

Esther and I agreed on treating mommy Mcd..but ended up?
"Aiya....i forgot to bring my money", said Esther.
So Prisong we'll just have to keluarkan duit lorh. Lol.

So small ! nvm, this happens when you get something free.

Mine. Mcmuffin.
Esther !

having a cup of coffee in the morning.

Mom and est had the breakfast set.

I thought i rmbr the hash brown was much bigger.. 
After finish eating two Big Breakfast set and a Sausage McMuffin...we figured it's not full enough. Portions was unexpectedly small so we ordered another one..Which is Sausage McMuffin with Egg. Mom treated us this.

While eating, I was reading my sejarah there. So fun xD Haha.
I reached school around 7.10 or 7.15am (i guess), and I was late. Although late, still I won't miss a chance eating a super early breakfast with my sis and mom :)

Mar 9, 2011


So far, I sat for 6 papers already.

Today was maths, science and sivik.

Wah, easiest day ever. Maths was easy but very tricky, you know why?
Because my maths teacher set the questions, a tricky teacher man!
But there is only 15 objective and 6 subjective questions.
If wrong one, it cost me double!

Science, what can I say?
Easiest paper of the day.
I finished it more faster than sivik!
Er, but still...I got some wrong already.

Tmr SEJARAH, I can only say...
You make me wanna say oh oh oh oh oh oh my goshhhhhhh!

Mar 6, 2011

kh project (after)

I've mentioned before about my kh project.

Since the wrapping paper is not acceptable,
I've done something with it.
Kar Wei and I planned to spray it.
She will spray hers and i'll spray mine.

We did this BIG spraying project at her house.

Kar Wei's
LOL, I played with her kh project. I cut out a paper and paste it on her wood..and then when she spray, what was left unsprayed was the flower(or what ever it is). Hehe :P

If not mistaken, the colour that we chose was honey beige. I forgot. Or was it er...idk what. But erm, my mom commented that it looks dull :O

This is mine, (after!)
Oh project :( It turned like this. I spray soooooooo many times in order to cover the scraped-off wrapping paper!

I tell ya, spraying is not easy, well it ain't easy for me and Kar Wei. Sooo manyy work to do. How many layers to spray, make sure we sprayed evenly.. make sure it must be dry before the another layer could be spray.

For me was the hardest..because I have to make sure I didn't spray the mdf board... It's hard xO Shakir said it was so easy for him, for me I disagree a bit. Because I gotta spray differently, I can't just spray the whole thing..

Oh well, just let it be :)

Finishing results!!

C for car

I thought I was the only one eagerly wanting to drive...

"Always look at you rear mirror!" LOL

"Pheww...what a relieve, i've passed my driving lessons" :D

This is my sister, Apple Ong :)