Feb 26, 2011

3 Adil.

My dearest 3 Adil-an's,

From what I saw this week..I really love to see all of us united as one :)
For me it's quite touching actually, really!
I witness Jason and Irfan won spelling bee.
I lost at the second round by the word, CROUTON !
I learned my lesson :)
Irfan and Jason faced off by the word, ROULETTE!
Irfan won first prize and Jason second.

I witness how our class practiced for sketsa.
Ho goofy it was having an annoying orange in a traditional-themed sketsa.
What a twist of story!
The characters, Annoying Orange and Red Riding Hood really make me so excited to watch.
Farwi as the Annoying Orange & Sem as Red Riding Hood (grandma).
But, Sem pull himself out at the last minute and was replaced by Sab.
I even saw Lcd and Yee wearing a scarf on their head.
Bawang Merah & Bawang Putih.
Lcd looked more like Bawang Merah actually and he seemed more softer than Yee xD
Yee looked real nice wearing that red scraf :)
Najmi kept on wearing the white scarf, making people see his softer side :P
I guessed the best dressed outfit was Sarah Sofia that day.
Most look-a-like Sultan! :D
Fazirah voice <3 So nice so sweet!
That was a nice gurindam there.
The love between Kakanda and Adinda was nice :)
How passionate babeh! :D
Rusyaidi...er...we wore a grey sarung? And er...what was he's character? I'm sorry I didn't asked him. But I know he practiced hard, Lcd was training him how to say "Sudahlah!!" behind the class which I could hear clear enough.
Athirah character was a grandma? She wore a green sarung which looked like one of those dinosaur in Ultraman xD

What a cast! What a sketsa! And for that, their effort paid off by getting first place for sketsa :)

Shakir, KD 10 Idol.
Sarah and Aidy too.
Shakir and Sarah from 3 Adil joined the singing competition.
So as Aidy form 3 Aktif.
Shakir and Aidy made it to the finals.
I secretly peep in the utility room just to see how were they doing.
Shakir brought his guitar man! :D
I only heard Aidy practiced Marry You :) Nice!!
From the wall of Fuyoh, I get to know that Shakir passed the first round due to Marry You by Bruno Mars.
So yeah...thanks Bruno Mars man! xD
"It's a beautiful night, we'll looking something dumb to do..hey baby, I think I wanna marry you!"

The group for pantun..
Nurain, Nadiah, Sab, Irfan, Zuhair, and Faz.
Atas bimbingan Pn.Sapura..,
We won first prize!
What a sucess!
I bet you all work your butts out xD
Teacher taught them how to berbalas pantun,
hand signals..
and so on..
Congratulations girls and Zuhair and Irfan.
I wonder how Zuhair balas pantun ?

What they say,

Those who didn't took part in any of the Minggu Bahasa activities,
Thanks for your support!
Actually everyone in our class support one another :)
Which makes me happy about it :)
But for one second, I suddenly feel sad about something..
I'm afraid we all can't be in the same class anymore in form 4.
But we will still meet again each other..
I don't know how would it be next time..
Perhaps some of you will be moving to asrama..
I don't know..and I would not think of us separating..
I will just cherish every moment now while we are still in 3 Adil and together we stand tall and face PMR together! ( I almost forgot about PMR! -,- )


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