Jan 21, 2011


Yesterday, I spent my whole day with my family during Thaipusam.
We ate home cooking the whole day too.
Actually, at first dad decide to bring us out for dinner to celebrate my birthday.
But yet, home cooking rules! Home cooking the best :)
Healthier and full of love.

After dinner, we all went out to theCurve.

The Streets
I went in a music store near McDonald. It was my second time there. And yeah! There are plenty of music albums that attracts me in :D Every time I go in, I will look the front counter first for American albums. I saw Taylor Swift's Speak Now. Now it comes with a calendar or a shirt! *I thought of buying it for Est for her birthday (nah..better not..she always bully me and grab the laptop from me :P)

Then I will straight away head to the Korean area! I quickly took B2ST album x) I manage to hear songs from the album there.

When I want to leave, the worker there ask "You want both or only one or dua dua tak mahu?".
I replied "Er..maybe next time I'll come back for this".
*Actually I want to survey for k-pop albums that time.
What I said to that lady ain't a lie, perhaps I'll buy it when I got the money :)
Seriously, I hope it will be my first album (it is in my to-do-list).
I don't care it's Super Junior or B2ST..i want K-pop babe xD

She was so hyper that night!

This year's cny decorations.
Later, we girls (me, mom, Est and Apple) went to Daiso. Bought some items. Then went cny shopping but we didn't buy anything. Oh yeah, mom bought a shirt. Then we all headed to The Streets to meet up with papa.
Trying this angle.

This one better :)

I love my top!

Papa and I enjoying music.
I end the day by saying "Good night papa".
Papa replied, "Good night".
"Happy Thaipusam papa".
*Mom and dad laughed in a surprise :D

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