Jan 7, 2011


WOAH ! How long did it take for me to update my blog ? :D

Don't matter anything in the past, now is now!
So now I'll post ;)

Okay, first week of school have pass. Yeahoo..
So far so good of course.
My class, 3 ADIL :)
I'm hear to say that I'm the class monitor for 3 Adil again! :D
2 years straight..so as my helper, Shahrul Syazwan!

Apparently, my class chose almost all AJK that was elected last year for this year's AJK.
What do you know, huh? ;D
They are all so cute and funny.

Today, I have quite alot of homeworks to do.
So yeah, gonna start tomorrow.
Btw! Just now I got a feeling of going for a K session tomorrow!
That feeling just came so sudden..
I have a list of songs in my head already lorh :)

Although I don't have the voice nor talent to sing :P

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