Jan 13, 2011


Mesyuarat Agong Tahunan.

I'm joined scout again yeah! 
"Once a scout, always a scout.."
Live it by it's words man!
I love scouts, how could I leave it?
Doesn't make sense if I quit being a scout.

This year, I'm planing to join scout camp.
Kawad kaki? Not sure yet.. due to PMR.
I lovee to kawad xD
But I have no choice?
Oh well, just let it be..

Oh ya, I got a part from the scout organisation. Teehee..
I'm...the AJK for Form 3. ("chehhhh.." will be in some of ur minds)
Well, basically I dint expect to get any jawatan..
So yeah, I'm glad to get it ;)

Tonight will be having tuition with Faz and Yee :)
Meet you both there later!

End with this photo since my blog got dull :(

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