Dec 22, 2010


First day back to hometown feels great.
Had dinner with Uncle Gary with family.
Lemon chicken was yummy! :D
After dinner, we go to their house and hang-out..
I kept asking David 'bout korean stuff. x)
He got the disc Oh! My Lady leh! Heheeee

Yesterday night, I chat with my friends..
I kept saying the word STYLE..
Since I watch He's Beautiful, I fell in love with this style;

--the only girl in A.N.Jell group, Go Minam aka Park Shin Hye


 I want the spectacle! xD (her face is so funny!!)

the hair!
I really love the way she dress. It's like so YENG but at the same time quite cute.

I want to take some actions to have this sort of style;
  1) buy the spectacle (it's only the frame, no lense)
  2) trying to get fairer.. >.<
  3) cut my hair shorter? (nervous)
  4) applying more eye liner <3

'Bout the clothes...hmm...I need to earn some money first. Haha..
I want a vest..a black vest.. I think it suites me?
My style now is t-shirt + jeans. End of story -,-
It's quite plain, should be said very plain..
So yeah, Operation Changing Style begins now! xD


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