Dec 17, 2010

Night bicycling

Papa reached home quite late last night, around 10am?! Yeap, around that time :) Because me and Est were watching Project Runaway.. Hehe.
Papa asked whether we want to go night cycling. Of course YES for me! Papa actually wanted mommy to go cycling with him since mommy bought a shirt I just want to ride with you. Haha! Mommy said she bathe already..bathe so cleanly she don't want to go out already. My sis and I followed papa for night cycling! (This doesn't mean we don't bathe cleanly, okays? :P) We just love cycling.

We really worked our muscles out!
I feel extremely SYOK (a sign of sucess in a malaysian way :P)! My butt hurt like hell..and my lap felt the pressure..but is it worth? Of course. Well, I don't know about the butt..but I know the pressure towards my lap definitely is worth it :)

I really had fun with you, papa and Est :)
Especially papa because I spent so much time with you yesterday..
I appreciate our papa-and-eldest-daughter moment :)

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