Dec 16, 2010

MBPJ trip?

Morning, I had this x) I woke up so early today around 6.55am. It was just so

Thanks mommy for the noodles!

Actually today wanted to go to school but then it was raining cats and dogs! So my plan of going there was cancel.

See some photos that I took..
I'm experimenting :D

 LOL! Esther put Ah bi on my shoulder.. then of course she started Est had to put a handkerchief on top of my head.. Gosh Ah bi was heavy! Already 6.3kg!!
*Why did'nt you look at the camera ar miss little baby? Want to play computer? LOL

Later on, I followed papa to Petaling Jaya (PJ). We are headed to the government department. He wanted me to have exposure to this kind of stuff. So yeahh, let's test the camera outdoors!!

This was taken in front of Dewan Sivil. Papa said that in that dewan..many people perform singing or orchestra and so on.

We reach there :) It gave me quite a 'wow' once I reached there because I don't know the government department looked so new and clean.. I got to say, well done?
Papa went there to renew license and also some samans :P 
Then, we walked to the Menara MBPJ. Goshh, it was raining more heavily now!

Oh yea! There was those small -little-things-that-sprinkle-water-out (sorry I dont know what was it called) on the way. It was so NICE to feel the water x) 

When we reach there, we were quite wet. Luckily papa ask me to wear a cap in case it really happened. Once arrived, I saw this Christmas tree.
Papa settled his things there...then we went back.

On our way,, we saw the fake Penang bridge. LOL. Oh ya, see the word CANON?
Thank you CANON for creating cameras :D

As we reach home, the photo shooting doesn't end! Even my sis use the camera to cam-whore already..

I have to admit she looks pretty.. You look pretty ya Esther :) Although you always bully me! Hahaha..

I really had a very nice half-day trip with papa in PJ.
Thanks pa! ;)

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