Dec 22, 2010

Hair cut

The hair before..
For me is long..and thick..

I'm gonna have my hair cut later!!

I wanna cut a nice style xD

~After hair cut photo here!~

Okay, I cut my hair already..
And NO, my hair is not like Go Minam xD Hahahaa!
But I guess I got to buy some gel??! Because I need to shape
It's flat looking..and I don't like flat.
When I left the hair saloon, I was superb happy cause I loveeee it!
The guy really did a good job.. He even put some oil on my looks nicer and have a nice shape..not flat :D But when I reach home and washed my hair, the style was GONE -,- Damn it..

Okay la enough talking..just see the photos.
I love my hair but I don't know'bout you guys..


Chubby face -,-


-end of post-

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