Dec 27, 2010


Jang Geun Suk

Gosh, he kept getting more and more handsome! I'm watching He's Beautiful fyi..and when the drama started..I don't really like how he look but then..! I just know that he is those guys that looks-more-and-more-handsome-when-you-look-many-times x)

Yesterday I watched eps 7 and 8.. I kept repeating "Ohmygoshhhhhhhhhh, HANDSOME HANDSOME xD". I kept beating my sis who is just right next to me. Sorry xD But then she revenge too! She like Jang Yong Hwa..

So whenever Jang Yong Hwa shows up..she will say "HANDSOMEEEEE" and then beat me back -,- Lol. sis is basically Shin Woo + Minam's team.
Where as I'm Tae Kyung + Minam's team.
Hey Essie, lastly sure I win la babe! xD

I have two addiction!

One is Choi Si Won and the second one..Jang Geun Suk!! *drools*

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