Dec 31, 2010

BBQ to 2011

Morning. Apple Ong wore her new pyjamas!

Nelson looks gorgeous!

When a cat meets a baby

Evening, we started to prepare our bbq dinner.
Ingredients was set. Let's start!

The bbq finish around 9.30pm. Not even close to 12am. But we had a great family bbq :)

Dec 27, 2010


Jang Geun Suk

Gosh, he kept getting more and more handsome! I'm watching He's Beautiful fyi..and when the drama started..I don't really like how he look but then..! I just know that he is those guys that looks-more-and-more-handsome-when-you-look-many-times x)

Yesterday I watched eps 7 and 8.. I kept repeating "Ohmygoshhhhhhhhhh, HANDSOME HANDSOME xD". I kept beating my sis who is just right next to me. Sorry xD But then she revenge too! She like Jang Yong Hwa..

So whenever Jang Yong Hwa shows up..she will say "HANDSOMEEEEE" and then beat me back -,- Lol. sis is basically Shin Woo + Minam's team.
Where as I'm Tae Kyung + Minam's team.
Hey Essie, lastly sure I win la babe! xD

I have two addiction!

One is Choi Si Won and the second one..Jang Geun Suk!! *drools*

Dec 23, 2010

Late post


Happy birthday Linghes :)
Stay smart yeah!!!
HAHA, I remembered your birthday :)

A bed for Est and Appie behind the car.

See how soundly she slept :)

A view from the back. We just arrived btw.


Happy birthday to the girl, Tiffany Chin!
Hey girl, you are stay that way.. :D
I bet someone drooled when he saw your photo album xD

Went to Uncle Gary's house.
We made cookies!!
It was delicouuuusss and it was so easy to do!
Got secret ingredients geh xD

Does it looks like cookies? Lol.. My sis thought what was it -,-


I helped mom with lunch today. Mom woke up very early to bring grandpa for breakfast :)
Father-daughter-breakfast :) Later, mom went to the market.
She bought vegetables and nasi lemak!! Mentakab's nasi lemak is a must to try :D
At the same time, my aunt made pumpkin pancakes! Oh gosh, all of my favourites..
It was so yummyyy! And you don't really feel guilty when you eat..because pumpkin is healthy! Hahaha..

This is what we cooked for lunch!
Best pumpkin rice xD

The fried shallot on top was the most important one. It totally brings a super nice flavour to the rice.
Papa, next time mommy cook for you okay? ^ ^

mom prepared this vegetable.. It's our family's favourite. Especially Est.

Ba ku cai

This dish was served with steam fish and rice. Fish was quite salty but still..delicious.. :)

I'm gonna bite you stupid mosquitoes!! -,-

Oh yeah, this afternoon..
Est and I went for tea time with David. Abby drop us off at a restaurant.
Had hash brown (my fav), french fries and some shave ice. I guess it's the only stall in Mentakab that sell shaved ice? The food is just average. Nothing special since it's only snacks. We didn't order anything heavy.
But other food such as rice or noodles are available there too.
PS: David bought korean drama He's Beautiful (starring Park Shin Hye!) and Playful Kiss (starring Kim Hyun Joong!) ! I wanted to buy Personal Taste (starring Lee Min Ho!) actually..but he said his mom bought it I might as well borrow from them.

These three dramas are also my favourite xD Watched Playful Kiss already. He's Beautiful, watching. Personal Taste, I want to watch! *in love with korean dramas*
--3 recommended dramas!

Okay, good night people!

Dec 22, 2010

Hair cut

The hair before..
For me is long..and thick..

I'm gonna have my hair cut later!!

I wanna cut a nice style xD

~After hair cut photo here!~

Okay, I cut my hair already..
And NO, my hair is not like Go Minam xD Hahahaa!
But I guess I got to buy some gel??! Because I need to shape
It's flat looking..and I don't like flat.
When I left the hair saloon, I was superb happy cause I loveeee it!
The guy really did a good job.. He even put some oil on my looks nicer and have a nice shape..not flat :D But when I reach home and washed my hair, the style was GONE -,- Damn it..

Okay la enough talking..just see the photos.
I love my hair but I don't know'bout you guys..


Chubby face -,-


-end of post-


First day back to hometown feels great.
Had dinner with Uncle Gary with family.
Lemon chicken was yummy! :D
After dinner, we go to their house and hang-out..
I kept asking David 'bout korean stuff. x)
He got the disc Oh! My Lady leh! Heheeee

Yesterday night, I chat with my friends..
I kept saying the word STYLE..
Since I watch He's Beautiful, I fell in love with this style;

--the only girl in A.N.Jell group, Go Minam aka Park Shin Hye


 I want the spectacle! xD (her face is so funny!!)

the hair!
I really love the way she dress. It's like so YENG but at the same time quite cute.

I want to take some actions to have this sort of style;
  1) buy the spectacle (it's only the frame, no lense)
  2) trying to get fairer.. >.<
  3) cut my hair shorter? (nervous)
  4) applying more eye liner <3

'Bout the clothes...hmm...I need to earn some money first. Haha..
I want a vest..a black vest.. I think it suites me?
My style now is t-shirt + jeans. End of story -,-
It's quite plain, should be said very plain..
So yeah, Operation Changing Style begins now! xD


Dec 21, 2010


Whoopss >.< It's been quite a while since I update my blog..
I'm so sorry!

*I try taking photo in a dark situation.. 

I will update soon as I reach my hometown since I will be very free there. I also can online more often in my hometown :) Arghh! I can't wait to go back to Mentakab! :D
Christmas is soooooooo near!! You could just hear it xD

Aww...tomorrow I'm going back to Mentakab with my mom and two sis. Papa won't be following due to work :( See what did Esther wrote just now xD It's a list for papa when were away. It was so cute of her :)

Must sayang him for 15 minit xD LOL!! So cuteeee la..
Do not abuse him after phobia like mommy. LMAO xD Funny laa weihh.
Well, my mom sometimes scares Nelson(cat) by saying beat beat!..but mom says it when Nelson simply shit and curi makan. Or sometimes she says that to bully Est always help to defend :D
So that is a little bit bout Esther's pet cat, Nelson :)

Tomorrow morning mom will drive us back. I must be her first time driving us back.
Wish us to arrive safely there! :)
I will be helping my mom to look out for sign boards and so on..
Baby Apple will sleep behind with Est.. Shuang laa? :P

To papa,
take care of yourself when we are not around..
take care of your health..don't simply eat those 不应该吃的东西la..such as salty food ar..
you can just see what Essie wrote :) So kind of her to wrote it out for you..haha..
and ya...I WILL MISS YOU so muchh papa :)
I lovee you..we all love you, including Apple x)

Good morning people xD
GO TO SLEEP NOW so you would have less chance having pimples!

Dec 17, 2010

No title

Hi people,
Just wanna say few things here..
Well, today I really had a lot of fun with Ern and my family..
I will post about it tomorrow.
That is that.

Okays, it's quite late now and I have to sleep now since it's quite a day today.
Hmm..I guess not many people viewed this blog yet. So far I'm trying to post things properly meaning in quite a neat way. LOL. Because..before this I notice I blog very messy-ly? I mean in my old blog.. Yeap, so now I'm trying my best to make it easier for reading :) But only very little view it.. :( So I make it neat for my own reading in future.. LOL.

Good night!

Night bicycling

Papa reached home quite late last night, around 10am?! Yeap, around that time :) Because me and Est were watching Project Runaway.. Hehe.
Papa asked whether we want to go night cycling. Of course YES for me! Papa actually wanted mommy to go cycling with him since mommy bought a shirt I just want to ride with you. Haha! Mommy said she bathe already..bathe so cleanly she don't want to go out already. My sis and I followed papa for night cycling! (This doesn't mean we don't bathe cleanly, okays? :P) We just love cycling.

We really worked our muscles out!
I feel extremely SYOK (a sign of sucess in a malaysian way :P)! My butt hurt like hell..and my lap felt the pressure..but is it worth? Of course. Well, I don't know about the butt..but I know the pressure towards my lap definitely is worth it :)

I really had fun with you, papa and Est :)
Especially papa because I spent so much time with you yesterday..
I appreciate our papa-and-eldest-daughter moment :)

Dec 16, 2010

MBPJ trip?

Morning, I had this x) I woke up so early today around 6.55am. It was just so

Thanks mommy for the noodles!

Actually today wanted to go to school but then it was raining cats and dogs! So my plan of going there was cancel.

See some photos that I took..
I'm experimenting :D

 LOL! Esther put Ah bi on my shoulder.. then of course she started Est had to put a handkerchief on top of my head.. Gosh Ah bi was heavy! Already 6.3kg!!
*Why did'nt you look at the camera ar miss little baby? Want to play computer? LOL

Later on, I followed papa to Petaling Jaya (PJ). We are headed to the government department. He wanted me to have exposure to this kind of stuff. So yeahh, let's test the camera outdoors!!

This was taken in front of Dewan Sivil. Papa said that in that dewan..many people perform singing or orchestra and so on.

We reach there :) It gave me quite a 'wow' once I reached there because I don't know the government department looked so new and clean.. I got to say, well done?
Papa went there to renew license and also some samans :P 
Then, we walked to the Menara MBPJ. Goshh, it was raining more heavily now!

Oh yea! There was those small -little-things-that-sprinkle-water-out (sorry I dont know what was it called) on the way. It was so NICE to feel the water x) 

When we reach there, we were quite wet. Luckily papa ask me to wear a cap in case it really happened. Once arrived, I saw this Christmas tree.
Papa settled his things there...then we went back.

On our way,, we saw the fake Penang bridge. LOL. Oh ya, see the word CANON?
Thank you CANON for creating cameras :D

As we reach home, the photo shooting doesn't end! Even my sis use the camera to cam-whore already..

I have to admit she looks pretty.. You look pretty ya Esther :) Although you always bully me! Hahaha..

I really had a very nice half-day trip with papa in PJ.
Thanks pa! ;)

Dec 14, 2010

너 같은 사람 또 없어 뮤직비디오

Super Junior
Crazy over this song don't know since when already. UNTIL NOW still crazy for it..
I love Super Junior but I don't know much about them.
So..I''m not counted as a very fanatic fan.
I just love their songs...their skills (dancing) and so on..