Feb 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

I'm at home now. Waiting. For? My parents who are still working. My family and I will go back for tonight's chinese new year family dinner at Mentakab, Pahang. Our relatives will cook a very scrumptious dinner for everyone. My mom just told me that my aunt + my cousins are busy preparing tonight's dinner. Fast eh? Now only 12:46pm, and they are already preparing dinner! One word for this, WOW! Haha... I really can't wait to see what they'll cook for dinner.

I've just had chicken rice for my lunch. Now typing blog (of course I am :P). I've finished packing my clothes today. Not yesterday... Yesterday, I tried my best to finish all of my homework... And erm... Ya! I did!! :D Yeahhh... Haha...but not all, except my ringkasan. I can't find the isi! I don't want to crack my head yesterday...so I just finish all my notes on KH & history. At least I finished some homework of mine :) So...hoorayy for me! Haha... :P

K, thtz all for now. Byess to all of my besties :) and I wish you all a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!
Hope that you all can get many ang pao's this yearrr :D

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