Feb 14, 2010

1st day of CNY. Dinner.

Once we reach there, aunty Jenny gave us two types of chocolates to taste. This chocolate was bought by my cousin, Lydia when she was at Switzerland. I only tasted the dark chocolate. The other type was the Red Hot Chilli Chocolate '~' I rather not try it :P

My mom also helped in the kitchen... My cousin, Eunice by her side looking at her.

Then, my other cousins arrive. Dinner starts at 7.30pm but we all came early to help. After helping for a while, Aunty Jenny asked us to rest so we all decide to take photoes! :D

Cousin Eunice + my mom :)

Mommy + cousin Denise :)
(a lot of people say they looks like mother and daughter)

Mommy + Prissy + Esther! :D

Dinner is served!! Jemput makan...
EH! Wait! Chotto matte! Before eat, must lou sang first :D
(Lol. i dunno i type correct chinese or not. Pai seh pai seh :P)

Eat already. Take photo again XD

Later, went in to watch Up that my cousin downloaded. It was so clear! Like in cinema! Coz the screen was 44 inch! (if nt mistaken :P) The love story between Mr Fredrickson and Ellie was so sweet and romantic :) Jeolous ohh! Haha...

We watch while playing Monopoly Deal. 1st time playing. It was fun!

The movie has ended. Time to say goodbye... Bye Dee-Dee! Hehe...
(cousin David's cat) Kawaii ne? ^^

When want to go in the car, saw this fireworks! Ahh!!! So nice!! ^^
Happy Chinese New Year again everyone!

Chinese New Year morning~

My littlest cousin knows how to play facebook!

Played mah jong.

Kuih karpet . (does it spells like tht?)

I forgot wat does this calls ad. But its D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!  How's everyones' chinese new year morning? I know that I'm having a good time =) I woke up at 10.30am. Yesterday, played mah jong XD I lost. Haha. Coz my cousins and aunties are too geng liao that's . I went to sleep at 11.35pm. My hp kept ringing :P U know why?? Coz all of my friends send CNY + Valentine's wishes ^^ Thanks! Especially Ern, she send almost 4 sms to me. Sem send a valentine's wish, so as Tify. But erm...no wish receive from dar -.-


I also want to send sms wishes to my friends, but hp no money!! =.=" So cham... Aiyo. This morning, got those lion dance :D Yeahh~ So long didnt see le. Now, my 3rd aunt is doing chicken pie :D She is a very good cook.

 When already tutup pintu.. haha XD
When its done! :D

Hmm..cant say like tht. Actually almost everybody in my family knows how to cook well :D Now, my youngest cousin is watching playhouse disney x_x The other cousins + me, have to watch too. Suffering! Lol. He is dancing with the characters in the tv. Anyways, he is still a kid...so thtz ok :) He is so cuteee =] Especially when he just woke up. Super cutee =)

He wore a traditonal chinese samfoo! Cute rite? :P

K, gonna start busy doing things le...
PS: i'll have dinner at my da ku's house. The one I mention before...the one that owns a big house? That one. I wonder what's for dinner :P haha...

*I've just msn with dar. He said that his hp got problem. Major prob, can't see a thing. That's why I didnt receive any sms from him. Well, at least I know tht....if not...? hehe...can be say that he quite cham liao... blekss :P

Feb 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

I'm at home now. Waiting. For? My parents who are still working. My family and I will go back for tonight's chinese new year family dinner at Mentakab, Pahang. Our relatives will cook a very scrumptious dinner for everyone. My mom just told me that my aunt + my cousins are busy preparing tonight's dinner. Fast eh? Now only 12:46pm, and they are already preparing dinner! One word for this, WOW! Haha... I really can't wait to see what they'll cook for dinner.

I've just had chicken rice for my lunch. Now typing blog (of course I am :P). I've finished packing my clothes today. Not yesterday... Yesterday, I tried my best to finish all of my homework... And erm... Ya! I did!! :D Yeahhh... Haha...but not all, except my ringkasan. I can't find the isi! I don't want to crack my head yesterday...so I just finish all my notes on KH & history. At least I finished some homework of mine :) So...hoorayy for me! Haha... :P

K, thtz all for now. Byess to all of my besties :) and I wish you all a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!
Hope that you all can get many ang pao's this yearrr :D

Feb 8, 2010

CNY shopping @Power Centre

Power Centre's displays... Got bonzai's and the other plants. 


Then, I went in Brands Outlet :D Whee....I love it!

All of the beutiful clothessss... XP

Yeahh! I bought some clothes! So happyy :)

I'll find a nice chance to wear these clothes :P
Btw, thanks a lot mom and dad! Muackzz

Clippy@school =P

Today went to school after edit blog. Lol. Almost late ad :P Once reach school saw all my jimuii :) hehe... and Tif having many guys around her XP

Dunno why today felt so HappyGoLucky :) hehe... Almost smiled all the way to school... Haha XP Btw, today wore a clip...and erm....many people say i look good when i wore it. Lol. +... Ern kept on saying I look fairer... Haha... really funny... I didnt look fair leh, Ern... :P Yee say got meh? Looks like same only...
Lol... see see. Looks like erm.. no comment.

*now msn with dar^^ His internet finally ok ad. He felt so happy. Haha...so cute... sha sha de :P

Now going out for CNY shopping...Bye!