May 2, 2009

1st Time Blogging

Well as u see at the title of my blog...this is really my 1st time blogging.
I think people use this blogging thing to express what they feel weather were in a happy,sad,angry,scary and what so ever mood...To cut it simple.....blogging can be said as a electronic diary(i guess..)

Today was kinda a good day for me...things went well for me...when i woke up this morning...i was on the floor sleeping...('~')I was wondering how did i end up sleeping on the floor but actually i was sleeping on the bed yesterday? Oh well,i think i have a very good night sleep yesterday..

At 11.20am today, i went to SJK(Cina)Subang...which is at Subang of course...This primary school was actually a few of my secondary friend's primary school...the people mention are.....Lee Pei Ern,Tiffany Chin and Chia Jason...When I was heading to this school..i don't know where the main gate called Lee Pei phone was dialing,dialing n now i called Tiffany Chin...again my phone kept dialing,dialing n answer again! lastly i called Chai Jason...u thought i finally get through right? well,think again...he also didn't answer! what happened to them?! At last, my mom who was driving,found the main, my mom and i sent my sister there for badminton class...
Now...,I really gotta say something about this school....
so clean...shiny...and...BIG! whoa!
ok..that's my comments for SJK(Cina)Subang...

and that was just that...then my mom n i head home...

ok..i think i should stop this blog typing this instant because i type too much alrdy i til the next time, i'll type again...


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